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NameJacinta Nampijinpa Price
StateNorthern Territory
PartyCountry Liberal Party
Mailing Address1, 229 McMillians Road Jingili, NT, 0810 Canberra ACT 2600
Phone(08) 8948 3555
Mailing AddressPO Box 6100 Senate Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600
Phone(02) 6277 3122
fax 1
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Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is an Australian politician, Indigenous rights activist, and media commentator.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price for senator

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is an Australian politician, Indigenous rights activist, and media commentator. Born on July 12, 1981, in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Price is a Warlpiri/Celtic woman.

Price rose to national prominence as an outspoken advocate for Indigenous rights and conservative values. She has been a frequent commentator on issues affecting Indigenous communities in Australia, such as family violence, child protection, and welfare dependency.

Price’s political career began when she ran for the Country Liberal Party (CLP) in the Division of Lingiari in the 2019 federal election. Although she lost to long-serving Labor incumbent Warren Snowdon, she secured 44.54 percent of the two-party preferred vote. During the campaign, Price faced criticism for sharing a video on her Facebook page that was labelled as Islamophobic, as well as being accused of hypocrisy by Aboriginal activist Steve Hodder Watt for calling out racism against her while referring to him as “white”.

Price’s political fortunes changed when she was pre-selected as the CLP’s number one Senate candidate for the Northern Territory in the 2022 federal election. She defeated incumbent Senator Sam McMahon for pre-selection and won the second of two seats, alongside Labor’s Malarndirri McCarthy. As a senator elected from a territory, Price’s term commenced immediately, rather than from 1 July like senators elected from the states. In federal parliament, Price sits in the National Party room.

Price delivered her maiden speech in the Senate on July 27, 2022. She wore traditional headdress and used the opportunity to outline her priorities for office, citing housing, women’s safety, and economic development as key concerns. Price called for a restoration of law and order in remote Indigenous communities to combat violence and criticized the push for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, calling it a symbolic gesture that could divide black and white Australia. Price invoked the legacy of the first Aboriginal Senator Neville Bonner to criticize “welfare dependency” and “opportunistic collectivism” as barriers to Aboriginal advancement.

On April 18, 2023, Price was appointed Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians in the Dutton shadow ministry. Her activism primarily focuses on the protection of women and children in Indigenous communities, as well as advocating for greater economic opportunities for Indigenous people. Price has been a vocal critic of the intersectional politics of identity and cancel culture. She has also spoken out against Indigenous people who use culture as a justification for violence against women, arguing that this is a perversion of traditional Indigenous values.

Price’s political views have made her a controversial figure in Australian politics, with some describing her as a conservative warrior and others accusing her of being a sell-out to conservative politics. Regardless, Price’s determination to effect positive change for Indigenous Australians has made her an important voice in the national debate on Indigenous issues.

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